Club Director

The Director will serve as club sponsor and liaison to the church. The Director will chair the Executive committee and serve as an ex-Offico member of all club committees, councils and task forces. The Director supervises all club personnel and oversees all of the activities of the club. He/she will serve as a member of the church board and Chair the Staff Council.

The Director:
• Is a member of the church board.
• Should maintain liaison with the church pastor, youth pastor, and sponsoring elder; and invites them to participate in programs and events.
• Keeps in touch with the youth director of the conference office and renders report as required.
• Is chairman of the pathfinder club executive committee.
• Presides at the club staff meeting unless he has appointed an associate/deputy director to take charge.
• Understands that the activities of the club will be under his supervision, and therefore he must call, organize, and arrange for each club meeting.
• Leads out in planning the total program for the year, and produces a calendar of events, which is issued to all staff, Pathfinders, and parents.

• Is responsible through the executive committee for providing an overall program for the club through the following activities:

Meeting time and places
Bi-monthly outings
Field trips and outreach projects
Finance/budget/membership fee/dues
News sheets and bulletins

• Is responsible through the staff meeting for the planning of regular club meetings including the following activities, and ensures that various committees and people are responsible for caring for their implementation:

Drill, opening and closing ceremonies
Games/fair practice
Class-work/Honors/creative skills
Arrangement of the units/counselors and instructors, and their duties


Deputy Director

The Deputy Director is second in command of the club and as such serves as the Director’s senior assistance. At the discretion or in the absence of the Director the Deputy Director takes full charge. An additional Associate Director may have oversight functions for a specific area (i.e. females, males, and TLT), and perform other oversight functions as assigned by the Director, Executive Committee or Staff Council.

The Deputy Director/s:
Shall accept the assignments of the director and share in the leadership responsibilities of the club.
Give oversight to one/some of the following areas:

Achievement classes
Camping activities
Honors and creative skills
Pathfinder equipment
Chaplain /worship
Special events, field trips, etc
Outreach activities
Public relations


Club Chaplain

The Chaplain will counsel and work closely with the club director in the development and implementation of spiritual activities and programming. This officer should be the youth pastor or elder or some other Baptized member of the Church with the ability to organize as well as lead out effectively in spiritual activities of the club. The chaplain plays a very important role in the club, by leading out and providing opportunities for the spiritual development, cooperation and caring among Pathfinders and staff.

The special duties of the chaplain are to:
• Wear a uniform as a regular officer of the Club
• Counsel and work closely with club director in preparation of spiritual activities.
• Arrange for devotional periods and speakers, and periodic prayer bands.
• Organize and lead out in missionary outreach in cooperation with director.
• Select individuals to offer prayer at meetings and club activities.
• Arrange for devotions, Sabbath School activities, Sabbath worship service, and afternoon programs and other outings.
• Work closely with director and pastor in setting up the annual Pathfinder Day, and Investiture service.
• Acts as a special spiritual counselor working closely with unit counselors.
• Know each pathfinder and staff member personally, and encourage them in their relationship with the Lord.
• Show a balanced Christian experience by participating in the club’s secular activities.
• Confer and work closely with the Pastor and Elders of he congregation.


Club Secretary

The Secretary will develop and submit the required reports to the director, Administrative Director, Area Coordinator and Conference Director on a monthly basis. Said officer is responsible for the maintenance of all official club records, meetings minutes, and correspondence.

The duties of the secretary are to:

• Check the unit’s records taken by the scribes and transfer them to the Pathfinder’s individual record sheets.
• Record all points and demerits on the permanent record sheet.
• Post the list of accumulated points by units on the bulletin board at last once a month.
• Fill out the conference report and mail it to the office by the tenth of each month.
• Keep the director inform of the achievement of the club in the conference scoring plan.
• Notify the director if a Pathfinder is habitually absent (especially without excuse), or negligent in wearing the uniform.
• Be responsible for keeping up an attractive bulletin board display, which should be changed often.
• Order supplies and all club record forms from the conference office as needed.
• Be responsible for caring for all correspondence and type letters for the director as necessary.
• Be responsible for the club library and keep a check on all books or magazines taken by staff members and Pathfinders.


Club Treasurer

The Treasurer will be responsible for the proper accounting, custody and expenditure of all club funds. The treasurer will render a monthly report to the Director of all income, authorized expenditures and funds on hands.

The duties of the treasurer are:
• Count and record all funds such as membership fees, dues, offerings, craft charges, donations, fund raising….ect
• Transfer funds to the church treasurer to be kept in reserve.
• Keep an accurate income-and-expense journal sheet, listing all income and expense funds, describing each briefly and recording the date.
• Keep all receipts, bills, and invoices associated with expense and carefully file them by months in envelopes or folders.
• Have the record books and all receipts, bills, and invoices ready for inspection and presentation to the director, church treasurer, Pathfinder executive committee, and church board upon request
• Disburse the funds as directed by the executive committee through the director or whoever may be assigned to give authorization, and be sure that all accounts are promptly cared for.
• Withdraw funds for petty cash from the Pathfinder reserve fund kept by the church treasurer.
• Be on hand to collect funds at fund-raising projects and keep an accurate record of funds paid in.
• Keep record of fund-raising items checked out and check on other materials or funds returned.
• Collect funds for uniforms and equipment and pay the same account.
• Collect fees for various campouts and fields trips.
• Be sure that all who ask for funds have an invoice or paid statement that can be filed and kept on record.



The Pathfinder Counselors is a key member of the staff. They are assigned to a unit of four to eight members; a male counselor for the boys, and a female counselor for the girls. The counselors become acquainted with each member and share with the unit in the various activities. The counselors know the parents and home condition of each unit member.

The duties of the counselor/s:
• Talks and counsel the unit about social, emotional, and spiritual problems.
• The counselor’s friendship can mean a lot to pathfinders during this time in their lives.
• (S)he is present at each club meetings, and activities, and plans any unit events that the staff authorizes.
• (S)he is responsible not only for the unit but also for the professional leadership growth of the junior counselor into a Pathfinder leader.
• Assist, and instruct classes as needed.



Instructors are persons who will teach specific skills or have charge of a special task associated with the clubs function. They may be considered temporary staff if they are teaching only a specific item for which they have a specialty. Instructor may not necessary be members of the church. Instructors are not with the care of pathfinders vested in a person designated a counselor.

Instructors may teach specific skills or subjects such as Bible, First Aid, personal growth, outdoor skills, Honors, or crafts.


Public Relations/Communications

The duties of the PR/Comm. are:
• Share the club activities through a Pathfinder Newsletter
• Publicize club activities in the Local Newspaper.
• Share the activities of the club through Personal invitation.
• Publicize club activities in the church bulletin/church e-News letter.
• Advertise club special events to community, and to other area clubs.
• Advertise club special events by all means of communications (flyer, e-mail, snail mail, NEC Youth web page, Facebook,etc)
• Capture club events by photographs.



Unit Captain

The Unit Captain will be a pathfinder selected every four months by the director from among the unit members. They will assist the counselors and give leadership as appropriate.

The duties of the unit captain are:
• Assist the counselors and take charge of the unit when required.
• Carry and handle the unit Guidon in the proper manner unless there is an assistant captain who will be Guidon bearer.
• See that the unit Guidon is properly posted in front of the unit at all campouts.
• Carry the National or Pathfinder Flag during the flag ceremony when chosen.
• Report unit attendance at roll-call time.
• Drill the unit as assigned by counselor.


Unit Scribe

The Unit Scribe will be a pathfinder selected every four months by the director from among the unit members to report attendance and keep unit records. They will assist the counselors and give leadership as appropriate under the Captain.

The duties of the unit scribe are to:

• Fulfill the captain’s duties in his absence.
• Check to see that all unit equipment is returned following a campout (Work with unit captain/counselor/deputy director). Needed repair should be noted.
• Serve as messenger between his unit and director as requested by his counselor.
• Give an excuse blank to any Pathfinder in his unit who has been absent, check with the absentee at the next meeting to be sure that the excuse has been received, and correct the records as instructed.
• Keep all unit records and, by invitation of the club secretary, help fill out the monthly report to the conference.


Pathfinder Parent Association (PPA)

The Pathfinder Parent Association (PPA) serves as a vital resource for the club and its leadership. All parents are AUTOMATICALLY a MEMBER OF THE PPA ASSOCIATION, and are required to sign-up as a VOLUNTEER for at least one club activity during the calendar year.

The Duties of the PPA Leader are:

• Spearheads fundraising activities.
• Gathering of sponsors.
• Promote exposure for club activities, and events.
• Assist in area where the club needs assistance.
• Substitute for Instructors if possible.

Location and Contact

The Ebenezer SDA Church Pathfinder Club is located at:

97 Broadway, Freeport, NY 11520

Email: info@ebenezerfalcons.org

Regular meetings are held Sundays from 10:00 am - 1:00pm

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